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Model 1035 MR-compatible Monitor for Veterinary use


The Model 1035 monitoring and gating system is a 3rd generation system in use for more than a decade with mice and other animals in every major medical research institution worldwide.  The equipment is now available to meet the physiological monitoring and gating needs for anesthetized veterinary animals in the MR environment.  The Model 1035 consists of a Multi-parameter data acquisition modules located on a roll stand near the magnet bore and a Control/Gating Module connected to a PC located either in the magnet room or near the operator console.  The PC displays multiple waveforms, measured values, trends and gating pulses.  Data is also displayed on a remote monitor. 


          MONITORING                                                           GATING


    • Fiber Optic ECG
    • Respiration 
    • Fiber Optic Temperature
    • Fiber Optic Pulse Oximetry
    • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
    • Invasive Blood Pressure 
    • Capnography



    • ECG
    • Respiratory
    • ECG & Respiratory
    • Auxiliary Inputs


                            Temperature Control                  

                Record Waveform and Trend Data

    The Multi-parameter Module includes non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) measuring heart rate, systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure, pulse oximetry (SpO2) using fiber optic sensors to measure oxygen saturation, heart rate and pulse distension and fiber optic temperature (FOT) measuring rectal temperature.

    The Capnograph Module measures the CO2 waveform, respiration rate, end-tidal and minimally inspired CO2.         

    The ER Module measures ECG using three leads with needle (shaving not required) or surface electrodes and respiration from a pneumatic sensor.  A rechargeable battery provides module power. 

    The Control/Gating Module receives data from the data acquisition modules.  It sends data to the PC for recording and display.  It also receives user instructions from the PC to control measurement and gating functions.  Gates from ECG, respiration or ECG and respiration are generated by the module's microprocessor and sent to the MR system.  The module also has the capability to control animal temperature around a user defined set point.

    Options include a fluid heating system which can regulate the temperature of the animal and invasive blood pressure measuring the cardiac waveform, heart rate, systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure. .  



    The Fluid Heating System shown above can be placed on the base of the MR-compatible roll stand and has a variety of heating pads available to accommodate companion animals.  .    


    » Download the Model 1035 MR-compatible brochure for Veterinary use  

    » Download the MR-compatible Fluid Heating System brochure for Companion Animals