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I - Service Contract: covers parts and labor for failure of system components except accessories.  Software upgrades free.  Discount on accessories 15%.  Repair time a few to several days.

II - Service Contract with Loaner Equipment: service contract listed above with necessary loaner equipment during the repair of your equipment.

III - Time and Materials: test and inspection fee applies plus parts and labor for making necessary repairs.  Repair time is a few to several weeks depending on availability of parts.  Software available for a fee.

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Fiber Optic Temperature

Fiber optic temperature probes provide an alternative method to thermister temperature probes for measuring temperature. The fiber optic temperature probes use florescence technology to make accurate and reliable temperature measurements.  Despite the fact that the probes are small, flexible and made from optical fiber, they are remarkably durable.  Fiber Optic Temperature is available as an option for the MR-compatible Model 1025 and 1030 Monitoring & Gating Systems and for the Model 1025L and 1025T systems for use PET, CT, SPECT, Optical and in the laboratory.

The fiber optic temperature probes have a tip diameter of 0.040" OD (1 mm) or 0.120" (3 mm). Standard probe lengths are 2’ and 6’. Fiber optic temperature extension cables are also available.

Fiber optic temperature probes are MR and CT-compatible.


Download the FOT Brochure
Download the Fiber Optic Sensors Brochure